Bacchus Marsh Scorpions Soccer Club

About Our Club

Our Club History:

2008 Our club was formed and we fielded 3 teams in the Football Federation Victoria leagues, plus ran a small sided games program for younger players. 2009 6 teams registered with Football Federation Victoria league – U16 Male, U16 Female, U14 mixed, U13 mixed, U12 mixed, SSG U10 – plus small sided games program for younger players.



Our Goals:

Our goals going forward as a club is to have a family friendly and child safe environment where players of all ages  can have fun and develop their skills as soccer players. We need community, player and family support!

We encourage any member of the family to volunteer to donate some time to help with various requirements around the club. All you need is a working with children’s check, some time and the willingness to help.

If you would like to volunteer some time to help out, please get in contact with one of the committee members, your coach, team manager or anyone that you see doing jobs around the club. All you need to do is introduce yourself and your help will be very much appreciated. 

Bacchus Marsh Soccer Club Inc. welcomes and encourages new members. Members are entitled to vote at all AGM’s and Special Meetings, and ultimately direct where the club is heading and who serves on the committee. Make your vote count if you want to support the club and become a member.

Sponsors are vital to the club, and we encourage all business to consider sponsoring a local club. As a club we support local businesses as much as we can to keep our business local and support our community. Please contact us if you feel your local business would like to come on board and help shape a successful soccer club.

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